NUS Scotland Women's 16 days of action

Friday 28-11-2014 - 16:59

The student movement and the women’s movement both have a long history of political campaigning. Campaigning during the 16 days of action for the elimination of violence against women is a key time when students’ associations and women’s groups come out in force to take action.

We need to take action to make sure that our streets, communities and campuses are places where women feel empowered to learn and be seen as equals, but instead we know that these are places where women still face objectification, are belittled.
Too often people think that taking action is difficult, or something that’s not for them and that’s why we’ve put together this guide detailing simple actions you can take every day of the 16 days of action.

Let’s ensure that our action this month means a society tomorrow where gender based violence, intimidation and objectification are nothing more than an ugly footnote in history.
If you have any questions, or would like NUS Scotland Women to promote your own event that you’re organising or action that you’re taking get in touch with NUS Scotland Women’s Officer on

Download the 16 days of action briefing here.


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