NUS Scotland welcomes Scottish Labour's commitments to students

Wednesday 27-04-2016 - 16:57
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NUS Scotland has today welcomed key commitments to students in the Scottish Labour manifesto. The manifesto includes a number of the recommendations of NUS Scotland’s ‘Shaping Scotland’s Future manifesto’, including:

  • A review and reform of the current further education funding system, including fully funded bursaries for college students
  • Increased bursary funding for poorer university students
  • Raising the repayment threshold for student loans to £22,000
  • A target of 90% of young people receiving mental health support within the recommended 18 week period

Commenting on the manifesto, Vonnie Sandlan, President of NUS Scotland, said:

“It’s great to see strong commitments for students and young people in Scottish Labour’s manifesto. Ahead of the elections, our Shaping Scotland’s Future campaign set down a clear challenge to all political parties, to set out improvements in the support on offer to Scotland’s students and young people. It’s great to see Scottish Labour take notice of that, and produced a manifesto to enable more people to access education, stay there, and succeed.

“Ahead of the election, students were clear that fairer support needed to be at the heart of this campaign, and Scottish Labour’s manifesto sets out clear measures to deliver on that. It’s really great to see ambitious proposals to fix the broken support system that exists in further education, and there’s also a clear recognition of the need to improve the offer for higher education, which leaves some of our poorest students with the least support. But we’ve also been clear about the need to look beyond just financial support, and it’s welcome to see commitments to improve the support and services available to students and young people experiencing mental ill health.

“The last few weeks of the campaign have seen every major political party set out some really strong policies for students and young people in their manifestos, and today sees Scottish Labour join them. But the campaign doesn’t stop there. Ahead of, and after, polling day, we’ll be continuing our campaign to ensure that all parties know that the status quo simply isn’t good enough and that we see the next Scottish Parliament taking action to deliver the fairer support students need.”


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