NUS Scotland urges solidarity with international students

Thursday 17-11-2016 - 09:46

NUS Scotland has used International Students’ Day, on Thursday 17 November, (see note 1) to call on students in Scotland to take action against increasing racism, xenophobia, and anti-migrant rhetoric. 

Students from across Scotland will travel to London on Saturday, 19 November, to join NUS UK’s “United for Education” demonstration, and NUS Scotland are calling on more students to support the demonstration.

The Scottish students will be marching:

•    To demand the UK Government let EU students stay after the UK leaves the EU. 
•    To demand the UK Government take responsibility and tackle the racism, fascism and xenophobia that has risen after the vote to leave the EU
•    To show solidarity and demand a better future for students from the rest of the UK. 

Those who can’t travel are also being urged to support the demonstration by posting on the #Nov19 hashtag, which can be used to follow the demonstration on the day.

Commenting, NUS Scotland President Vonnie Sandlan said:
“International Students’ Day has its roots in student activist’s opposition to racism and fascism, and is a time where we stand in solidarity with our counterparts across the world. At a time when anti-immigrant rhetoric is on the increase at home and abroad and Brexit puts the status of future EU students at risk, it’s more important than ever to mark this occasion. 

“The current negativity we’ve seen towards international students and migrants flies in the face of the values of inclusivity and diversity that the student movement champions and celebrates - values we know are shared by the vast majority of society. Migrants, including EU and international students, contribute huge amounts to our society – educationally, culturally, and economically. For the government to turn their back on these students now is not only shameful, but presents a huge loss to our country.

“That’s why NUS Scotland will be marching alongside thousands of students from across the UK on Saturday, sending a message to the UK government that EU students are our colleagues, friends, and neighbours. We’ll also be demanding that they take action to tackle the rising racism, fascism, and xenophobia that we’ve seen since the vote to leave the EU in June. I’d call on any students who want to stand up for our international students, and all migrants, to contact their students’ association and find out the arrangements for getting to the demonstration in London on the 19th, or how they can get involved on their own campus.”

Contact: Fergus Boden, NUS Scotland Press & Influencing Officer

1.    International Students’ Day is celebrated on November 17 each year. It was first marked in 1941, a full history of the day is available here 
2.    The United for Education demonstration is being jointly organised by UCU and NUS UK. More details can be found here 


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