NUS Scotland statement on college strikes

Friday 12-05-2017 - 09:14

College lecturing staff across Scotland have taken strike action as part of an ongoing pay dispute.

Addressing an EIS rally in Glasgow last week, NUS Scotland President Vonnie Sandlan said:

"Good afternoon to you all, I bring with me greetings of solidarity and strength from the National Union of Students.

When I was a student, a mature adult woman returner with kids, struggling at Langside College just a few miles from here, it was the amazing lecturers who taught me, who empowered me, who went above and beyond to make sure I got through my course successfully. That’s where I learnt that lecturers don't just rock up to class and wing it, they deliver engaging lessons, thoroughly prepared, and well designed to give students the skills and tools we need. That’s where I learnt that preparation time matters!

So when students are phoning me now, asking about the strike action, we point the finger at those who are to blame - and that is those who have refused to honour the deal.

NUS Scotland unequivocally stands shoulder to shoulder with you in this fight to have the agreement you reached honoured. We stand with you in the fight for fair and equal pay for college lecturers, just as you were promised over a year ago.

We hear lots of recognition about how important lecturer’s work is to students, to our communities, to the economy, and to delivering the kind of society we want to be part of. Now it's time to see college lecturers getting the deal they were promised!"


NUS Scotland

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