NUS Scotland responds to EU student tuition fees

Thursday 09-07-2020 - 16:50

The Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science delivered a statement on the support provided to Scotland’s Colleges and Universities in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Alongside the statement, the Scottish Government published a further and higher education sustainability plan.

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Responding to the decision to end free tuition for EU students studying in Scotland from 2021-22, NUS Scotland President Matt Crilly said:


“NUS Scotland is firmly opposed to tuition fees, and the announcement today that yet more students will be paying for their education is bitterly disappointing. We need an education system based on adequate public investment, not student debt.


“While this announcement is disappointing, we welcome the clarity from the Scottish Government that funding previously committed to free tuition for EU students will remain within the college and university sectors. I also look forward to discussing the development of scholarships for EU and international students.”


Responding to the immediate financial pressures facing colleges and universities, Mr Crilly said:


“The enormous financial impact facing Scottish colleges and universities as a result of Covid-19 underscores just how reliant they have become on fee-paying students. In the immediate term, we need to see a bespoke package of support from the Scottish and UK governments.”


Commenting on support for education leavers, Mr Crilly said:


“We welcome the action taken by the Scottish Government and its agencies to support education leavers. However, given the scale of the economic disruption caused to the economy and the jobs market by Covid-19, we urgently need the UK and Scottish Governments to deliver a safety net – backed up with substantial investment - for education leavers in Scotland.”


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