NUS Scotland responds to changes to the public procurement rules

Monday 11-05-2015 - 11:24

NUS Scotland's response to the Scottish Government's consultation on public procurement.

Public procurement is the process by which the Scottish Government and other public bodies decide which companies to purchase goods and services from. NUS Scotland believes that publicly funded buyers have a duty to spend their money in an ethical, socially responsible and transparent manner. 

Recently, the Scottish Government launched a consultation on public procurement rules. NUS Scotland has worked together with a coalition of trade unions and civil society organisations to identify 10 asks for procurement reform in Scotland. The coalition will lobby the Scottish Government to make sure that Public Procurement is used to further social, community and ethical goals.

NUS Scotland specifically called for this process to be used to encourage the creation of new training and education opportunities, for mandating contractors to paid all workers at least the Living Wage, and for ensuring that contractors comply with human rights and labour standards all throughout their supply chains. 

Read NUS Scotland’s full consultation response here.


NUS Scotland

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