NUS Scotland LGBT launch supporting trans* students briefing

Friday 28-11-2014 - 16:43

NUS Scotland LGBT exists to promote, defend and extend the rights of lesbian, gay, bi and trans* students in Scotland.

In Scotland, it is currently common to use the terms transgender people or trans* people as an ‘umbrella’ to cover the many diverse ways in which people can find their personal experience of their gender differs from the assumptions and expectations of the society they live in.
Institutions find it difficult to know the number of trans* students currently enrolled and data regarding the number of trans* students in Scotland is hard to come by.
NUS Scotland LGBT is aware that some trans* students experience barriers to coming forward and encounter difficulties when disclosing their trans* status and making changes to their student status.
Therefore NUS Scotland LGBT wanted to collect information about current levels of support for trans* students studying in Scotland.
NUS Scotland LGBT wrote to college and university principals in Scotland to asking them to identify:

  • What action is undertaken at your institution to specifically cater for trans* students?
  • What data you have for the number of trans* students at your institution and their experiences there?

Recommendations based on the findings have been developed together with the Scottish Transgender Alliance.

Download the report here


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