NUS Scotland launches week of action

Thursday 04-12-2014 - 13:06

NUS Scotland has launched a week of action from 15-20 Decmember as part of the Stop Student Poverty campaign. 

The student support system is failing students. We need politicians to stand up and take notice that students are living in poverty. They already know that student support is a problem, but need to hear from their constituents that it’s an issue for them. That’s why we’ve planned a week of action from 15-20 December 2014 to make sure that student poverty is an issue that Parliament is forced to take action on. 

Below we have outlined ideas for actions you might want to take – but these are just suggestions! The actions below are designed so that you can spend as much or as little time as you have on them. Whatever you do, and however you do it, what’s most important is that we see action in every constituency across the week:

  • Mon 15 Dec: Stop Student Poverty stall
  • Tues 16 Dec: Get the message out
  • Wed 17 Dec: Demand your Principal joins the campaign
  • Thurs 18 Dec: Rally for rent controls
  • Friday 19 Dec: Constituency visits
  • Saturday 20 Dec: Christmas shopper sign up

Download the Stop Student Poverty Week of Action pack here. 


NUS Scotland

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