NUS Scotland launches new Women in Leadership Pack

Tuesday 20-01-2015 - 09:00

NUS Scotland has released a Women in Leadership Pack that students' associations can use to tackle the underrepresentation of women in elected positions. The pack includes full training notes and materials for two sessions, to be used internally to tackle structural barriers and with women students interested in standing for election.

Why women in leadership is important

This year, addressing women’s underrepresentation in our institutions has been a key priority for the NUS Scotland Women’s Campaign. We have pushed for women to be adequately represented on the boards of our institutions and backed the Women 50:50 campaign calling for quotas in local & national elections and now we’re looking at what we can do within our students’ associations to support more women to become student leaders.
Across the UK only 45 per cent of student officers are women and only 38 per cent are presidents, despite women making up the majority of students overall. This means that at the highest level of association leadership, women are being underrepresented and we think that’s a problem.


How you can use this pack at your association

We have created this Women in Leadership Election Pack for staff and officers within students’ associations to tackle issues of women’s underrepresentation, and support women students to stand for election and run effective and winning campaigns on your campus this spring.

The pack includes two training sessions. The first focusses on how women students can run successful election campaigns, and the second looks at ways in which associations can remove barriers that exist within processes and activities which prevent women from being able to engage. The pack includes full tutor notes for both sessions, power point presentations and an NUS guide to hosting a Women in Leadership event on your campus.

If you would like to use the pack on your campus please download the Women in Leadership Pack briefing.





 Vonnie Sandlan

 NUS Scotland Womens Officer


NUS Scotland

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