NUS Scotland Conference takes part in anti-racism day

Sunday 22-03-2015 - 10:22

Racism is a problem, in our country and across the world. Racism is the belief that all people belong to a race, and that their race has specific characteristics, abilities and qualities that are unique to that race. Racism is often used to justify a person’s prejudicial behaviour towards another person that is different from them. 

Racism permeates our society and it’s getting worse. In the UK, racism has steadily increased since 2001. The British Social Attitudes survey found that the amount of people in Scotland who had racist attitudes had risen 11%. That tots up to a horrific 25% of the Scottish people reportedly having racist attitudes. This rise of racism leads to greater and greater inequalities in our communities, on our campuses and in our places of learning. 

The United Nations calls an anti-racism day every year on 21 March. This is a day set aside to condemn racist behaviour around the world. The day also serves as a reminder that everyone has a responsibility to tackle racism, and its damaging influence on society. 

On Saturday 21 March there will be anti-racism marches across the UK. As part of NUS Scotland Conference 2015, we will be observing the anti-racism day in our own way, and joining the millions around the world standing up to racist behaviour. 


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