NUS responds to new NSS questions for 2017

Wednesday 28-09-2016 - 13:33

Our reaction to the new National Student Survey (NSS) questions unveiled by HEFCE today, which follow on from three years of pressure from students’ unions and NUS.

HEFCE have announced the new questions for the NSS, which will be used for the first time from January 2017. HEFCE have decided to retain a question about students’ unions, following extensive consultation with NUS and students’ unions. The new question will be: “The students’ union (association or guild) effectively represents students’ academic interests.”

They confirmed the wording for a new section of questions on student voice and engagement in learning & teaching. This bank of questions will provide crucial new insights for students’ unions and institutions alike.

NUS and students’ unions have been working in partnership with their institutions to use the NSS to improve teaching and learning for over a decade.

In sharp contrast to this collaborative approach, the misguided decision by government to use the NSS the create a Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) will do the exact opposite – reduce students to passive consumers, raise fees and turn higher education to a product.

This year, we will continue to highlight the misuse of the NSS in the TEF, protecting it for years to come as a vital enhancement tool.

You can see HEFCE’s publication here.

We’ll be talking about our alternative vision for teaching excellence at the Higher Education Zone Conference on 25 – 26 Oct. To join the conversation, you can register online here.




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