NUS responds to Labour's Higher Education Funding Announcement

Friday 27-02-2015 - 14:58

NUS responds to Labour's Higher Education Funding Announcement

NUS Vice President Megan Dunn said:

'The current model of university tuition fees is totally unsustainable and these new proposals begin to address this, so NUS strongly welcomes these commitments as a step in the right direction.

'Reintroducing substantial public funding and addressing student debt is progress to what we currently have. The inclusion of a significant increase of maintenance grants will help to address cost of living for the most disadvantaged students, which is frankly nearing crisis point.

'Higher education is a public good, which should be fully publically funded, and today we reiterate our firm call to Labour and all parties to work with us to achieve this.'

National Union of Students (NUS) is supportive of efforts to move away from the current government’s failed £9,000 fees system, which it has always maintained is a bad deal for students, for tax-payers and for the sector.

NUS has continuously warned that forcing debt onto students as a way of funding universities is a failed experiment, and that public trust in higher education funding now urgently needed to be rebuilt. In the run up to the general election, NUS is asking the government to phase out tuition fees and restore public funding to universities as part of its General Election manifesto.

Last year it was revealed that the proportion of graduates failing to pay back student loans is increasing at such a rate that the Treasury is approaching the point at which it will get zero financial reward from the government's policy of tripling tuition fees to £9,000 a year. The threshold at which experts calculate that the government will lose more money than it would have saved by keeping the old £3,000 tuition fee system is 48.6 per cent. 


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