NUS Poverty Commission: consultation for students’ unions now open

Wednesday 11-10-2017 - 13:58

NUS is undertaking an ambitious piece of work this year to identify the barriers faced by working class people with regards to accessing and succeeding in post-16 education.

We have bought together a group of Commissioners with expertise in education, employment, poverty and social justice who will hear a range of evidence from organisations and academics on the topic and compile a series of recommendations for government, local authorities and institutions themselves.

Alongside this we are calling on students’ unions, organisations and academics to take part in our written consultation.

We are asking four simple questions:

  • What are the barriers working class people face accessing and succeeding in post-16 education?
  • What evidence do you have of this?
  • What work have you been involved in that has had an impact?
  • If you could have three policy recommendations, what would they be?

We want to hear about the work students' unions undertake in further and higher education to support working class students access and succeed during their time studying. This could be through work your union does specifically around representation, working with your institution on projects and schemes, lobbying your institution to provide better support or outreach and partnership work within your communities.

The consultation closes on Tuesday 12 December 2017 and all responses can be returned to, as well as any questions you may have or if you would like to be involved further.

The Commission is due to report towards the end of February 2018 and we will circulate the final report and recommendations at that time.

Alongside the formal evidence gathering of the Commission, NUS will be working with students and community members to tell their stories and experiences of accessing and succeeding in post-16 education via social media. You can follow and engage with us using the hashtag #ClassDismissed on Twitter and find out more about the work on NUS Connect over the coming months.

We will also be announcing who are Commissioners are on Tuesday 17 October to coincide with the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

As well as a written response, we welcome short video submissions from students' unions, particularly those working directly with people entering and going through post-16 education, to share on our social media channels covering aspects of your consultation submission.

We have produced a guide with suggestions on how students' unions can engage further with the work of the Commission ahead of the recommendations and subsequent lobbying work in the Spring.

The evidence submission document provides an FAQ section and further information regarding the scope of the work, but if you do have any questions, please contact


NUS100: Everyone can access and excel in post 16 education



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