NUS Officers share their New Year resolutions

Thursday 07-01-2016 - 17:48

A new year brings with it a fresh slate and outlook on life. So, in the spirit of all things ‘new year, new me’, we asked some of our full time officers to share their new year’s resolutions with us.                                                               


Shakira Martin
Vice President (Further Education)

“Happy new year to all our membership. My resolution this year is to use every opportunity to empower, inspire, motivate and most of all educate those both inside and outside the movement in both FE and HE about the importance of getting politically engaged to drive forward the fight for change to have an equal society for all.”

Sorana Vieru
Vice President (Higher Education)

“2016 resolutions: - start wearing less - go out more - hang with some new girls you ain’t seen before - run out of pages in my passport”

Piers Telemacque
Vice President (Society & Citizenship)

“Since starting my vegan challenge, I've found it hard but I'm resolving to try and cut out meat at least one day a week for the rest of the year. Better for my health, better for my wallet, and better for the planet. Pray for me!"

Richard Brooks
Vice President (Union Development)

“My new year's resolution is to speak to my family (my mum, my nan and my two brothers and sister) more, as I don't make the time right now!”

Shelly Asquith
Vice President (Welfare)

“My new year’s resolution is to be a student again. Before I started at NUS, I studied a part-time language course at my local college. I've just re-enrolled, which means I'll know what it's like being a student again, and I'll have to commit to being at home at least one evening a week!”

Robbiie Young
LGBT+ Officer (Open Place)

“NUS can sometimes be too serious and too mean, so this year I have decided not to engage in Twitter spats for no reason. As much as I have loved getting 3am tweets letting me know how rubbish I am at my job – I’m not going to pleasure these with a response, and I’m going to have a more positive outlook in NUS and in the words of Taylor Swift “haters gonna hate” - so let them. I just won’t bother my time gracing them with a response.

“Also, in the spirit of positivity - this year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Spice Girls releasing ‘Wannabe’ (don’t you feel old now), so I’m remaining optimistic that they’ll make a comeback tour which I will attend.”

Beth Button
NUS Wales President

“Make the time to spend time doing things that make me happy.”

Vonnie Sandlan
NUS Scotland President

“New Year's resolution is to ensure that the issues which impact on students in Scotland make up the narrative around the Scottish Parliament elections. From the balance of loans versus grants for HE students to the postcode lottery bursary system for FE students, it is clear that our students want a better, fairer deal and I will ensure we get one!”

Emily Beever
Scotland Women’s Officer

“As we move forward with the devolution of abortion legislation, I want to get more women students involved in the fight to extend women’s rights and access to safe, free and legal abortion.”



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