NUS National Conference approves reform

Wednesday 10-04-2019 - 17:24

Delegates at NUS (National Union of Students) National Conference have voted to reform the near 100-year-old organisation today (10 April 2019).

Following nearly five hours of debate, the near 700 delegates, representing nearly 200 students’ unions, have endorsed a radical set of proposals that will transform their union.

Speaking following the conclusion of the debate, Shakira Martin NUS President said:

“I am grateful to Conference for taking this momentous decision to endorse reform and deliver the vision of members. This vote sends a clear message that we have listened, heard and acted.

“There was a different mood at this year’s conference which was far more conciliatory and willing to hear different points of view, perhaps in recognition of the serious issues being debated. This was appreciated and is an example of the respectful debate spaces we want to see across NUS.

“We will now prepare for a Company Law meeting and subject to their endorsement for transition, the organisation will reform. This will see us create a new NUS structure that addresses the governance issues that have contributed in part to our current financial challenges.”

The Conference approved a number of amendments to the original reform motion including:

  • A requirement for the NUS board to ensure it has corporate expertise from outside the student movement on the board moving forward.
  • Introduction of a National Scrutiny Council to ensure transparency and accountability of student officers.
  • If NUS is able to afford more officers in future, there should be full time Liberation Officers elected in caucuses.




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