NUS LGBT stands in solidarity with LGBT community in Northern Ireland

Wednesday 29-04-2015 - 15:47

NUS' LGBT Officer (open place) Robbiie Young is sharing his solidarity with the LGBT community in Northern Ireland following the latest marriage equality vote. 

The vote occurred in the Northern Ireland Assembly on Monday 27 April. A total of 96 MLAs took part in the vote and 49 voted against the Sinn Féin motion calling for civil marriage equality, with 47 in favour. This was the fourth time the motion had been presented, but it was the closest vote to date.

Robbiie said: “On Monday the Northern Ireland Assembly voted for the fourth time on a motion supporting marriage equality, and this motion fell by the narrowest of margins yet. We are obviously extremely disappointed in this result and we send our solidarity to the LGBT community in Northern Ireland.

“I also wish to send my solidarity and support to NUS-USI LGBT officer Colin Chan in his excellent work to try and deliver marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland will have equal marriage, whether it is through the Assembly creating legislation, or through the courts. Those who oppose equal marriage cannot and must not be allowed to withhold rights from the LGBT community.”



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