NUS LGBT launch their manifesto

Wednesday 25-02-2015 - 17:41

In line with NUS’ manifesto, A New Deal for the Next Generation, NUS’ LGBT Campaign are now launching a supporting manifesto, laying out LGBT-specific asks to policy-makers in the run-up to the General Election and beyond.

Up and Out: the NUS LGBT Manifesto has been created using LGBT students’ opinions and includes three areas of demand: autonomy over our bodies, LGBT inclusion in education, and well-funded support services.

We have also produced a briefing, to offer context and evidence to support the manifesto.

Now we’re asking students’ unions to come up and out in support of the manifesto through our Days of Action – starting Thursday 26 February.


*Content warning: LGBTphobia, suicide, mental illness*

Read Up and Out: the NUS LGBT Manifesto

Read Up and Out: the Briefing.

Use #GenerationVote #lgbt to join the conversation.


Upcoming Days of Action

Thursday 26 February - Community and local services

On Thursday 26, we’ll be campaigning alongside the rest of NUS against austerity and cuts to local services. Our manifesto asks, relating to services, are outlined here:

  1. Stop cutting funding/ investment for third-sector LGBT support services and reverse funding cuts to third-sector LGBT support services and charities.
  2. Increase levels of funding for the National HIV prevention programme and continue to support and maintain wider HIV prevention schemes and support services for those who are diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.
  3. Prioritise programmes and implement policies which tackle LGBT mental health and homelessness.

We’re calling upon you to take action, online or on your campus, to fight for LGBT services. Taking action is easy – find out how you can get involved.This page goes live at 10am on Thursday 26 February.

Thursday 19 March - Liberation and tackling Xenophobia

This is a chance to push support for any of the manifesto demands that you feel most passionately about, and sending the manifesto to your local candidates to see what they have to say.

This day falls within the LGBT Conference, so it’s going to be big! We’ll be releasing more information about how you can get involved soon, so watch this space.

Thursday 26 March - Quality public education

Our manifesto lays out demands for LGBT inclusive education, through diverse Sex and Relationships Education, and honouring our achievements throughout the curriculum.

More information about how you can take action on this day will be released soon.

If you have any information about the Days of Action or Up and Out, get in touch via


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