NUS LGBT+ Education Charter launched

Friday 28-08-2015 - 15:47

This year, the NUS LGBT+ Campaign is launching a new program of work to tackle the prevalent inequalities within our education system, both in higher and further education.

For many LGBT students the oppression that is felt doesn’t have to be verbal, but instead can be entrenched within our policies, our practices, our classrooms and even within our curriculum. So this year, we are taking action. Today, I am launching the NUS LGBT+ Education Charter, working from policy you have set at LGBT Conference and focus groups carried out with LGBT students across the country. The charter will support LGBT societies to set campaign priorities, and students’ unions to lobby and implement policies that can and will dramatically change the lives of LGBT students not just on your campus but in the community as a whole.

Today, we are also launching three toolkits that accompany the charter – on gender neutral toilets and facilities on your campus, collecting student orientation monitoring data and a student pride on every campus. Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing practical guides and support to enable you to make all of the charter a reality for your students.

But we can’t undertake this work without you. We know that the work done by LGBT societies is one of the main reasons we create change within our education system and ensures that LGBT activism and liberation remains at the heart of every students’ union. This is why we are reaching out to the people best placed to shape policy on their campuses - the activists, the society members, the committee leads and the officers – the people who make this work happen every single day.

We want to hear from you if your students’ union has already run successful campaigns in these areas, and ask you to share your knowledge and experience so that we can use them to develop case studies and practical support for students’ unions around the country, so that students can create campaigns, drive policy and lead change on their campus.

If you would like to be a lead union on the charter, share your experiences, and help NUS LGBT+ develop resources, please e-mail me at

Together, we can liberate education and make both higher and further education a better place for LGBT students. 

Read the NUS LGBT+ Charter on NUS Connect here.



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