NUS International Students' Campaign statement on Giulio Regeni

Monday 08-02-2016 - 11:38

NUS International Students' Campaign expresses its grief and condolences for the trgaic death of Giulio Regeni, an Italian PhD student based at the University of cambridge.

Giulio was killed in Cairo, Egypt, whilst conducting fieldwork for his PhD research on independent Egyptian trade unions, and his body was found on 3 February 2016 bearing evident signs of torture. Giulio was one of us – an international student at a British institution, pursuing his academic interests, contributing with his research to the formation of knowledge on an important and topical issue. The circumstances of his death remain extremely suspicious, as he disappeared at a time in which arbitrary arrests, reports of torture within police stations and other cases of disappearances at the hands of the Egyptian government towards its own citizens are becoming more frequent, according to reports by local and international human rights organisations.

As the representatives of international students in the UK, we first and foremost express our solidarity and vicinity to Giulio’s family, friends and fellow students at this tragic time. We join our voice to that of academics in the UK calling on the Egyptian authorities to cooperate with an independent investigation into all cases of forced disappearances, torture and deaths in detention in Egypt, alongside any ongoing investigation into Giulio’s death, so that those responsible can be promptly brought to justice. We also recognise that Giulio’s death equates to an attack on academic freedom, and that it is the duty of the UK government and British universities to also take steps to ensure the safety of their students and scholars conducting research in dangerous places around the world. We thus call upon the UK government and British academic institutions to also join in the call for a full independent investigation into Giulio’s death.

In solidarity,

NUS International Students’ Campaign



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