NUS hosts first wave of UnionCloud regional training for SUs

Monday 15-02-2016 - 17:50

Last month our UnionCloud team hosted the first of its new regional training sessions with a focus on upskilling students’ unions to enable them to run successful elections through our digital platform.

In 2012, we launched our UnionCloud platform to support students’ unions in communicating more effectively with their members, and keeping their money in the student movement in the process. 

With over 50 active students’ unions on board, representing three quarters of a million students, UnionCloud has gone from strength to strength since its launch and we’re now expanding and improving the bespoke training we offer students’ unions with a series of regular UnionCloud Regional Training days.

The first of these sessions took place across the University of Manchester Students’ Union (12 January), Leeds Beckett Students’ Union (13 January) and Birkbeck Students’ Union (14 January) and focussed on the theme of elections.

The sessions were incredibly well-received, with 47 attendees and 30 of the 35 unions currently using our elections module present to share their experiences of using the platform to facilitate elections and raise suggestions for improvements and best practice. 

New elections feature introduced for 2016

During the training we announced our exciting new ‘self-nomination’ feature – which will allow students wishing to stand in elections to submit their own nominations forms online. This news was welcomed by staff around the room, who have historically been faced with the time consuming task of uploading all students’ manifestos themselves.

On Monday 18 January this new functionality was made available to all unions who have the election module and we hosted a webinar the following week available on the UnionCloud Zendesk (you have to have an account and be logged in to access this link).

In 2015, over 90 per cent of those students’ unions who used our elections module enjoyed a significant rise in voter turnout in comparison to the previous year.

Later this year, we will be looking to host similar regional training events like this in other module areas. If you’re interested in hearing more about upcoming, get in touch with us by emailing



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