NUS HerStory Month – Where are all the Women?

Tuesday 08-03-2016 - 08:25

Why is our curriculum pale, stale and male?

It’s impossible to fight for a society where women are seen as equals when our efforts are constantly marginalised or completely written out of history all together because of the systematic sexism in education. Even when women have been included, its usually a specific privileged class of women who have had access to this opportunity. 

That’s why, this Women’s history Month the NUS Women’ Campaign has teamed up with the HerStory project ( to kick off a cool initiative to help students to get more women in the curriculum.

We want to know what women students think should be in the curriculum - and not just women from the UK, because we should be learning about women from all over the world, from all sorts of backgrounds and educational fields.

We want students to help us build a collective resource to use in workshops and to also share with everyone who is campaigning to change their curriculum for the better.

This resource will be part of a larger toolkit we are creating for feminist course reps. It will include a liberating the curriculum audit tool which the Women’s Campaign is currently working on with the HE (Higher Education) Campaign. This project is open to all education levels though!

So you have until the end of Women’s History Month to tell us about HerStory!


In Solidarity




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