NUS Executive announces next stage of campaign against cuts

Thursday 10-02-2011 - 00:00

Following the first meeting of 2011 of its National Executive Council the National Union of Students (NUS) has today resolved to continue with its campaigns against cuts to higher and further education and to join forces with trade unions in campaigning against the wider cuts agenda. 

The NUS NEC voted to:

·         Confirm support for Trade Unions Congress marches in marches on 29 January in Manchester and 26 March in London.

·         Continue to support and organise actions against the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance.

·         Campaign for increased student rights and protections when changes to funding structures are passed into law.

·         Continue to condemn inappropriate police tactics.

Aaron Porter, NUS President, said: 

“The Government's ideological cuts agenda will damage communities across the country, reduce opportunities for young people and increase youth unemployment and we will continue to work in ever closer partnership with our brothers and sisters on university campuses and in trade unions to resist these cuts in unity.

"The next stage of our joint work to take the movement out of London and mobilise in towns and cities across the country is to protest and rally for youth opportunities on January 29 in Manchester. Students started the protest movement when 50,000 joined our demonstration with UCU in London and they will lead the way as the wave of protest moves nationwide.

“Our struggle against cuts to education and public services must now be bound up even more firmly with the wider trade union and social activist movements to campaign nationwide in the local communities where the savage impact of the damaging doctrine of cuts to public services is being felt particularly hard.”



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