NUS demands better pay for students and young people

Friday 16-09-2016 - 17:19

Yesterday Robbie Young, Vice President (Society & Citizenship), and Shakira Martin, Vice President (Further Education), gave evidence to the Low Pay Commission on the impact of low pay for students, apprentices and young people.

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) is responsible for producing an annual report for government on the rates of the national minimum wage and invites a number of groups to comment through written and oral evidence. NUS annually contributes to this process, making the case for better pay for students and young people. Yesterday Robbie Young and Shakira Martin presented the following recommendations to the LPC:

  1. That the Low Pay Commission recommends to government the equalisation of the National Minimum Wage so all workers, including apprentices and regardless of age, receive the same rate and that rate is set at the national living wage rate.
  2. That the LPC the national living wage be set at those rates defined as a true living wage by the Living Wage Foundation (presently £9.40/hour in London and £8.25/hour elsewhere).
  3. That the LPC should continue to recommend strong action is taken to enforce minimum wage rules around apprenticeships, internships and unpaid work experience, to avoid further exploitation of young workers.

To read this year's written submission in full take a look here.

We look forward to seeing what the LPC recommends and hope they take our suggestions on board.


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