NUS Calendar of events 2016/17

Tuesday 28-06-2016 - 16:48

Our calendar of events for  2016-17 is now available to read. 

Ensuring quality events across our movement is a strategic priority. We will ensure all our events enable us to be more effective and influential. Throughout the year we will draw on the expertise of students’ union officers and staff, external speakers and experts within NUS to create successful and engaging events.



Finding out more event information


This document provides members with an overview of the year ahead, all the events will be placed into the events section of NUS Connect over the coming weeks. 

The type of event it is will depend on where the full event information is located.

  • All democratic conferences and policy development will have all their papers and other relevant information available on Shape Our Work. 
  • Members meetings and Cooperative enterprise Unit meetings will have all of the relevant papers and information on Shape Our Work. 
  • Events that help build strong students' unions such as Students' Unions 2017, Convention, Learning and development or networking will have all the relevant information on Strong Students' Unions. 
  • The Nations sites will detail all the relevant information and documentation for Nations events.


Your first point of reference should always be the events page.

The events page will provide you with:

  • Date/time/location/delegate entitlement/costs and joining instructions
  • Registration
  • Description of the event, including objectives and outcomes
  • Target audience
  • And naviagtion links to further information and papers. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our events over the next year and working with you to develop policy, elect leaders, shape our work and build capacity in Students' Unions. 


Shape Our Work

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