NUS Awards 2017: Student Opportunities Award recipients announced

Wednesday 05-07-2017 - 22:17

University of Huddersfield Students’ Union, University of Portsmouth Students’ Union, Bournemouth and Poole College of FE Students’ Union and Lancaster and Morecambe College Students’ Union have received the Student Opportunities Award at our annual NUS Awards ceremony in Birmingham.

This award recognises inclusive student opportunities that have had a transformative impact on the people involved as well as the world around them. This could be an event, project, or campaign run by a club, society, group, media or RAG.

Here’s a little more about the unions who collected the award tonight…

University of Huddersfield Students' Union

The 3D Printing Society is a newly formed society and has made an immediate impact. This student led society had the aim of showing how the technology behind 3D printing can be easy to use and have an impact upon the community. Raising their own funds, the society showcased their work in developing a 3D prosthetic hand in the local newspaper which led to the family of a local 10-year-old girl getting in touch.

The Society developed a 3D hand for her and out on a surprise party for her when presenting it to her. The society is thriving with 35 members and has recently won Society of the year at their Union.’

University of Portsmouth University Students' Union

The panel were impressed by the systematic approach to tackling lad culture. Portsmouth’s well-structured submission clearly referenced the criteria. What they have achieved is a good examples of changing student culture.

Tackling an issue with resource and high level commitment. The result is a well evidenced, sustainable change to how sport is approached by the hundreds of volunteers who lead sport as well as their growing membership as the clubs become more inclusive.

Bournemouth and Poole College of FE Students' Union

The panel were impressed with the evidence of students prioritising the unions work in this area. Identifying the priority to improve student volunteering week they worked well with the college to maximise the week. This submission is a good example of how working in partnership with the institution can enhance student opportunities with the college agreeing to rearrange the students’ timetable to maximise event attendance.

Lancaster & Morecambe College Students' Union

This year the students’ union have created a portfolio of thirty three student opportunities when this time last year there were none. Using digital systems to enable students to easily create societies and sports clubs that can be supported by the union. This has led to 13 student led societies being created and handing over too new committees.

They demonstrated strong collaboration work by linking up with Cumbria SU to provide opportunities in another twenty areas. The panel were struck by how they developed students opps from nothing, making immediate impact in terms of engagement and relevance of the union.

The NUS Awards are an annual celebration of the enormous work which students’ unions, officers and staff do. For more information about the other NUS Award recipients from the night, please visit



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