NUS Awards 2015: winners announced

Thursday 09-07-2015 - 14:07

This year we received over 300 nominations from 110 students’ unions across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales for the NUS Awards 2015 and we can now announce the winners.

Staff and student officers from across the UK came together at Bolton’s Macron Stadium yesterday (Wednesday 8 July) to toast to excellence within the student movement at the NUS Awards 2015.

The NUS Awards are an annual celebration of the enormous work which students’ unions, officers and staff do each day and are an opportunity to applaud the unsung heroes from the movement whilst reflecting on the standout stories and achievements of the past year.

A total of 47 students’ unions featured in the shortlist of nominees and the judging panel had their work cut out when deciding the final ten Award winners, who were announced at the gala awards ceremony in Bolton.

The Awards we’re judged by an experienced panel from across the education sector and beyond. As the quality of nominations continues to rise with each year, judging too gets harder and harder, so thank you to everyone who took the time to tell us about the amazing year you’ve had, and for our judges involved.

NUS Awards 2015 winners:

Campaigns Award

  • Winner: Grwp Llandrillo Menai Students’ Union
  • Runner up: University of York Students’ Union

What the judges said about Grwp Llandrillo Menai Students’ Union:
‘The impact of this campaign is absolutely enormous, potentially translating in real terms the continued access to education for students who may otherwise no longer have attended.’

What the winners said:
'We are very happy with this award, we’re going to take it back to our students and we’ve worked very hard for it.' - Aimee Spencer, President at Gwrp Llandrillo-Menai Students’ Union

Diversity Award

  • Winner: Union of UEA Students
  • Runner up: University of Strathclyde Students’ Association

What the judges said about the Union of UEA Students:
‘Examining and changing the governance and staff structures will lead to cultural and systemic changes, and better sustainability of diversity initiatives.’

Education Award

  • Winner: Loughborough Students’ Union
  • Runner up: Canterbury College Students’ Union and Kent Union

What the judges said about Loughborough Students’ Union:
'Loughborough’s ten clear priorities were set about towards with very impressive performance and results.’

What the winners said:
‘I am extremely honoured to receive this award on behalf of all of our volunteers who have made the education section of our union excel this year, and I’m so proud it’s being recognised nationally.’ - Amy Ward, Vice President of Education at Loughborough Students’ Union

Student Opportunities Award

  • Winner: Liverpool Guild of Students
  • Runner Up: Queen Margaret University Students’ Union and Edinburgh University Students’ Association

What the judges said about Liverpool Guild of Students:
‘We loved the huge redevelopment of volunteering at the guild and that they have engaged so many volunteers and organisations in their work.’

What the winners said:
‘We’re overwhelmed with the award and we’re really glad to have got some recognition from NUS.’ - Harry Anderson, President at the Liverpool Guild of Students

Enterprise Award

  • Winner: Newcastle University Students’ Union
  • Runner Up: Students’ Union University of the Arts London

What the judges said about Newcastle University Students’ Union:
‘This enterprise demonstrates really clear impacts for students and provides wide ranging learning and development opportunities.’

What the winners said:
‘Winning the Enterprise Award is an incredible feeling. The fact that we were founded and supported by NUS throughout as well as the support we’ve received from our union and university has been amazing and nothing could have been realised without it.’ - Anawat Tarr, co-president of the Student Brewing Society at Newcastle University Students’ Union

Officer Team Award

  • Winner: University of Bath Students’ Union
  • Runner Up: Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union

What the judges said about Bath Students’ Union:
‘This demonstrates high levels of student engagement and a commitment to student led change, with strong focus and drive on improving democratic structures.’

What the winners said:
‘This award is really valuable because I don‘t think we always appreciate the work we do on our campus. It highlights the work we’ve done across the union to make sure that we do things for our students, led by our students and we’ve created valuable change in the last year.’ - Jordan Kenny, President at University of Bath Students’ Union

Simpson/King Staff Achievement Award

  • Winner: Sarah Laszlo, Derwen College Students’ Union
  • Runner Up: Gail Houghton, Walsall College Students’ Union

What the judges said about Sarah Laszlo:
‘Sarah stands out because of her commitment to students with learning difficulties and disabilities which is an inspiration to all students and the college community as a whole.’

What the winner said:
‘This is a massive surprise, it’s fantastic that we’ve been recognised at Derwen for our work with disabled learners amongst so many fantastic colleges who are doing amazing work.’ - Sarah Lazlo, Derwen College Students’ Union

Small and Specialist Students’ Union Award

  • Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union
  • Runner Up: University Campus Suffolk Students’ Union

What the judges said about Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union:
‘Innovative and creative approaches are delivering tangible improvements and results for FXU, underpinned by strong and accountable student leadership.’

What the winners said:
'It’s incredible that the work we’ve put in this year, and over the past three years we’ve been nominated, is finally being recognised. The whole team are engaging students on so many levels and we have the highest level of volunteering within the Russell Group - we’ve doubled our fundraising total this year. This is the icing on the cake for the best year we’ve ever had.' - Catherine Thornhill, President Community and Welfare at Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union

Further Education Students’ Union Award

  • Leeds City College Students’ Union
  • Runner Up: Canterbury College Students’ Union

What the judges said about Leeds City College Students’ Union:
‘Clear evidence of a fantastic and successful journey to really build a thriving Union, empowering its members and providing great service.’

What the winners said:
‘We don’t have any staff so this award is testament to the hard work of student volunteers who have worked relentlessly over many hours to make the union grow. The open-minded partnership we have with the college has definitely been a factor in that success.’ - Craig Clements, President at Leeds City College Students’ Union

Higher Education Students’ Union Award

  • Nottingham Trent Students’ Union
  • Runner Up: University of Exeter Students’ Guild

What the judges said about Nottingham Trent Students’ Union:
‘Nottingham Trent Students’ Union have shown real evidence of success, from campaign outcomes on specific issues to QAA and rankings.’

What the winners said:
‘We’re overjoyed to be winning this award. We worked hard and it’s a great way to top off the year, it’s a crowning achievement. It shows that when you work with your university, great things can be achieved.’ - Jeremiah Anson, President at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union

Employee Engagement Awards:

Overall Winner 2014/15

  • University of West London Students’ Union

Most Improved 2014/15

  • Manchester University Students’ Union

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