NUS Awards 2015: University of Bath SU wins Officer Team Award

Thursday 09-07-2015 - 17:56

The officer team at the University of Bath Students’ Union picked up the Officer Team Award at this year’s ceremony.

The University of Bath Students’ Union’s outgoing sabbatical officer team received the Officer Team Award at this year’s NUS Awards ceremony in recognition of their steps in widening participation with their SU.

With an officer team consisting of five white British, self-defining men, democracy at Bath appeared incredibly un-diverse this year. However, the result of the elections prompted the officer team to reinvigorate representation at every level of the SU – for instance, women are now more represented more than ever in leadership positions, most noticeably in sport clubs.

The most remarkable change for the 2015/16 officer team will be its make-up. The current officer team has led this change: Bath’s ‘Women in Leadership’ conference was attended by over 120 students and officers collectively spent 150 hours at cultural events discussing with international students the merits of participating in democracy. These efforts paid off – in Officer Elections, three out of five Officers for 2015 are women, and one an international student of colour.

This year’s team has also worked hard to tackle Lad Culture, empower traditional fringe groups of students and in streamlining it’s ‘top ten’ priorities and sharing out the responsibly fairly between each other. As a result of the officers’ higher profile, there was a huge 75 per cent awareness of their work by members.

What the winners said:
‘This award is really valuable because I don‘t think we always appreciate the work we do on our campus. It highlights the work we’ve done across the union to make sure that we do things for our students, led by our students and we’ve created valuable change in the last year.’ - Jordan Kenny, President at University of Bath Students’ Union

What the judges said:
‘This demonstrates high levels of student engagement and a commitment to student led change, with strong focus and drive on improving democratic structures.’

Four other students’ unions also featured in the shortlist of nominees for the Officer Team Award, with the Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union being named runners up.

The NUS Awards are an annual celebration of the enormous work which students’ unions, officers and staff do. For more information about the other NUS Award winners from the night, please visit  


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