NUS Awards 2015: Loughborough Students’ Union wins Education Award

Thursday 09-07-2015 - 17:40

Loughborough Students Union pick up Education Award for its work on strengthening partnerships between the union, academic reps and the university across all levels.

Loughborough Students’ Union have received the Education Award at this year’s NUS Awards in recognition of their excellence in the field.

Three years ago, Loughborough Students’ Union’s President described being an academic rep as the ‘worst thing’ he’d ever done at Loughborough, branding the experience ‘frustrating and pointless’. In contrast, this year most rep posts were contested, almost a quarter of students voted in online elections and more than 95 per cent of reps were positive about their experiences.

How did they shift perception in such a short space of time? They did so by creating ten central priorities stemming from their interaction with students which form the basis of campaigning and advocacy at all levels from departments to Senate, aiming to put them at the top of the university agenda. Their academic reps took these priorities up at department level, working in concert with the VP Education campaigning at top University level.

Their remarkable year is the culmination of a journey our outstanding partnership between the Students’ Union, Academic Reps and the University at all levels. Loughborough’s work is a model of how putting student interests first and working together can dramatically improve students’ education experience.

What the winners said:
‘I am extremely honoured to receive this award on behalf of all of our volunteers who have made the education section of our union excel this year, and I’m so proud it’s being recognised nationally.’
- Amy Ward, Vice President of Education at Loughborough Students’ Union

What the judges said about Loughborough Students' Union:

‘Loughborough’s ten clear priorities were set about towards with very impressive performance and results.’

Four other students’ unions also featured in the shortlist of nominees for the Education Award, with the Canterbury College Students’ Union and Kent Union being named runners up.

The NUS Awards are an annual celebration of the enormous work which students’ unions, officers and staff do. For more information about the other NUS Award winners from the night, please visit  


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