NUS announce #Antisocialmedia Summit

Monday 29-02-2016 - 14:14

There’s no doubt that technology is a brilliant thing, and that the internet has changed our world and transformed education. But social media can often threaten our freedom to learn and become a breeding-ground for bullies. It’s time to tackle the trolls.

Our new #Antisocialmedia campaign aims to challenge the abuse that is too often directed at students and student officers working in students' unions and NUS across the UK.

Trolling and cyberbullying is rapidly becoming commonplace on our campuses and where elected officers are concerned, we are increasingly witnessing deliberate attempts to blur the lines between accountability and abuse.

It's time to take back the internet

We want people to understand how the world of online can impact very seriously offline in the ‘real’ world, and to ensure that all students are free to learn and to challenge without fearing for their safety, or being shut out of debate.

We’re launching the campaign at our #Antisocialmedia Summit, which takes place at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) on Monday 7 March between 10.30am and 3.00pm, and of course online which you can follow via the #Antisocialmedia hashtag.

The event will involve a panel of experts on the issue of trolling and cyberbullying, and an opportunity for discussion and input into the next steps of the campaign.

Book your place!

To book your free place at the #Antisocialmedia Summit please contact Places are allocated on a first come first served basis, and if you cannot attend in person, don’t worry, you can also take part online.

You can also download our #Antisocialmedia campaign briefing here.


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