NUS and Electoral Commission launch #RegAFriend

Wednesday 18-03-2015 - 14:03

NUS announce joint project with the Electoral Commission to get even more young people registered to vote.

Thanks largely to the organising of students’ unions across the UK on National Voter Registration Day and similar #GenerationVote activities, voter registration drives are going strong. But with the registration deadline just around the corner, there’s still some work to be done.

There are only five weeks until the deadline to register to vote and currently, 30 per cent of young people aren’t registered to have their say in the General Election on Thursday 7 May.

That’s why NUS are working with the Electoral Commission to give #GenerationVote one final push and round up all the registration stragglers with our #RegAFriend campaign which launches on Thursday19 March.

We’re asking all students to encourage their mates to register with #RegAFriend. All they need to do is find a friend who isn’t registered to vote and get them to do so. Then, share a picture of themselves and their newly registered friend making the voter cross mark on social media. And to help spread the word, simply tag their friend, use the hashtag #RegAFriend, and include a link to the registration page.

The action is simple but to get this going, we need students’ unions to promote and support #RegAFriend through their websites, newsletters, social media channels and other platforms.

A comprehensive #RegAFriend toolkit and other campaign assets can be found online here.


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