NUS 100 Company Plan Update published

Monday 11-03-2019 - 12:42

NUS Services is built on the idea that through collectivism, cooperation, and combining our resources, we can strengthen our movement, improve the lives of students, and change society as well.

The 2019 Company Plan Update exclusively covers activity from enterprise work delivered by NUS Services and as such, outlines how income will be generated for the movement over the next year.

We are guided by our strategic framework: NUS 100 - Manifesto For a Just and Sustainable Future. In line with our long-term vision, NUS Services has a long-term strategic plan. Therefore, this update represents an opportunity to check in, see where we’re up to, and understand the direction of travel over the next 12 months.

The plan will be discussed at the Annual Participants Meeting taking place at NUS Convention.  Registration closes for this event tomorrow (12 March) so if you'd like the opportunity to shape NUS’ work, register today.

The deadline for references back is midday on 20 March.  Please send to clearly stating the page number and section you're referring to.

You can also find NUS' financial reports on the Convention Hub.


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