NSS Results 2018

Friday 27-07-2018 - 14:48

Today, the results of the National Student Survey 2018 were published.  We’ve been working to support members with their data analysis, as well as producing our own headline analysis of the results across the United Kingdom.



As this is only the second year on the new survey, it is not possible to track long term trends with 2018’s NSS data. We can, however, look back to 2017 to see developing patterns for example overall satisfaction has dropped to 83%, from 84% in 2017 and Question 26 on students’ unions has decreased by 1 percentage point to 56%.


Our analysis also looks breaks down trends from across the UK. This showed us that students at Northern Irish and Welsh institutions are overall most satisfied with most aspects of their courses compared to the UK average, with the exception of student voice in Northern Ireland, which is just one percentage point lower than the UK average.


To fully understand the picture read our NSS 2018 Results briefing here.


The following resources are now available for your union:

  1. Using the NSS in your Union

The NSS can be used to show your impact as a union, beyond your score in question 26. This briefing outlines the areas to focus on to build a picture of your work.

  1. The NSS for Course Reps

The NSS can show detailed course-level information and contribute to your local level campaigning; this briefing is an introduction to the data set for course reps.

  1. Using the NSS to work on the Black Attainment Gap

The Black Attainment Gap is a priority area for NUS and many unions this year, and the NSS is one of many data sets which can build a picture of the experience of Black students across the year.

  1. Headline analysis of NSS scores across the UK

This briefing gives you the national picture from the NSS scores across the nations.


For more information on our NSS work or for any queries from your union, please contact Senior Policy Advisor, Sarah Kerton on


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