Nine things you could do to promote voter registration before 20 April

Friday 10-04-2015 - 15:58

The deadline to register to vote in the General Election is just days away so here are some tips to get students registered in the nick of time.

This election is one of the most unpredictable in years and it’s vital that students are able to have their voice heard.

We’re running down our list of nine things you should do to get students on your campuses registered ahead of the deadline on Monday 20 April.

1. Get the message online

Voter registration went online last year in England, Scotland and Wales. It’s the quickest and easiest way to register to vote so absolutely cover your website and social media sites with this link!

2. Encourage your students to #RegAFriend

It’s estimated that 30 per cent of students are registered. So we launched #RegAFriend with the electoral commission. Get your staff and officers to grab a friend and show them how to register to vote and share your pictures with us on Twitter!

3. In exam season? 

Hold a silent disco outside the library to help blow off steam. When people ask why tell them your ‘silent in the library but loud at the ballot box’ and pass them a registration form. A bit of creativity never hurt anyone!

4. Involve your clubs and societies

If you’ve got clubs and societies in your union try holding a registration tournament. Give them the next few days to try and register the most students possible by giving them tractable links or stamped paper forms. Give the winners a prize courtesy of the students’ union.

5. Stretched for time?

Try to speak to as many students as possible by getting your institution to send out an all student email with this link.

6. Don’t forget to mention the National Insurance Number!

A common issue when registering to vote is not being able to find your National Insurance number. Run a campaign on Twitter and Snapchat showing people where they can find their number (payslips, job applications etc) - but be careful not to put any personal data online!

7. Create a ‘dream tree’

Take a leaf from MDXSU’s book and create a ‘dream tree’ of the perfect society, every student that is registered can put their leaf on the tree, every student who doesn’t gets relegated to the dream shredder. Keep the details of students and after the election work with them to campaign on the issues! Brutal but effective!

8. Don’t flush away your vote!

Follow Newcastle Students’ Union and put posters on the doors of every toilet on your campus.

9. Learn from Joey Essex. Really.

Follow the lead of Joey Essex and meet some politicians. If they can’t come on campus, ask them to write a message to your students about why it’s important to register and vote.



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