NHS bursaries: the fight isn’t over

Monday 03-10-2016 - 15:11

The government is pressing ahead with plans to scrap NHS student bursaries – but the fight isn’t over.

A lot has happened since George Osborne (remember him?) announced in November 2015 that NHS student bursaries would be scrapped.

Scrapping bursaries would mean student nurses, midwives and health professionals pay £50,000 for courses that require working over 2,300 placement hours.

Since the announcement the grassroots #BursaryOrBust campaign led by a group of inspirational student activists has taken the fight to the government.

Two well attended demonstrations and a huge petition of over 100,000 have forced NHS bursaries up the agenda and led to two debates in parliament.

NUS has worked with a coalition of trade unions to produce evidence on the impact of the changes and organise a lobby of MPs.

Join the campaign

A change in Prime Minister is an opportunity to force NHS bursaries back up the political agenda and make the government rethink these unpopular cuts.

Later in the autumn MPs will have the opportunity to vote down the changes. This week Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott again pledged Labour’s support for NHS bursaries.

How can we get involved?

  • On Friday 21 October UNISON are organising a constituency lobby of MPs. Full guidance on taking part is available here.
  • The theme for Welfare Zones Conference is health, and will feature a guest speaker from the #BursaryOrBust campaign. More information and a link to register is here.

For more information take a look at our NHS bursaries campaign pages or contact


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