New NUS Scotland President elected at national conference

Saturday 25-03-2017 - 13:12

Luke Humberstone has been elected NUS Scotland President for 2017/18, having previously served as President of Highlands and Islands Student Association. Jodie Waite, from Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association, has been elected Vice President Education

Student representatives from across Scotland came together this weekend at NUS Scotland’s National Conference in Dundee to elect new student leaders for the coming year. 

Luke Humberstone, current president of the Highlands and Islands Students’ Association, was elected President of NUS Scotland.  Luke will take over from current President Vonnie Sandlan, for a one-year term, on July 1 2017. Luke comes from one of Scotland’s newest students’ association, with the Highlands and Islands students’ association being formed 18 months ago to represent students at institutions across the north of Scotland.

Jodie Waite, current Vice President of the Glasgow School for Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association, was elected Vice President Education in the same election, becoming the first woman to hold the post.

Luke Humberstone, NUS Scotland President-elect said: “It’s a huge honour to have been elected NUS Scotland President. I’ve been incredibly inspired by the people I’ve campaigned alongside during my time as a student, and can’t wait to get to work this summer to carry that on. 

“Our movement faces a hugely important year ahead. Brexit poses a number of threats to our education system and students lives, and our student support system is undergoing a root and branches review, it’s absolutely vital that students’ and young people’s issues are at the centre of the conversation going forward. When access to education still too often depends on your background rather than potential, when student support still doesn’t give the financial assurances it should, when education is still inflexible to the needs of students; it’s clear we still have a long way to go. 

“I’ve seen first-hand the incredible passion and ability the student movement has. I’ve no doubt that we can carry on the significant wins we’ve achieved in recent years, build an even stronger student movement, and ensure we get the education system students need and deserve, now and in the future.”

Vonnie Sandlan, the current NUS Scotland President, said: “It’s been a huge privilege to work with Luke during my time as NUS Scotland President. Luke is an enthusiastic, principled and dedicated campaigner and one that students should be proud to have leading them in the year ahead. The student movement faces a number of significant opportunities, as the student support system is reviewed and we leave the European Union, and I know that Luke will see that students are able to meet those challenges and achieve real and lasting change.”


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