New College Stamford #CutTheCosts for student bus users

Wednesday 16-03-2016 - 11:35

The students’ union at New College Stamford successfully lobbied for a free temporary bus pass for their students.

The college draws in students from a very wide rural catchment area and journeys to study can rely on bus routes from five different counties.

This results in an accessible temporary bus pass being vital to students who forget or lose theirs, but the cost was too high for some to pay and had been negatively affecting their wellbeing - some students reported going without food or drink during the day because of a costly mistake.

Students who do not regularly bring money with them to college also struggled to contact their parents at work, and some students may not have friends or family to turn to in these situations.

Because of widespread student concern and administrative ease with which it could be fixed, , the SU raised concerns with the college and won one free pass per student.

This simple fix to a recurrent problem will save students a significant amount of worry about money and the ability to get home.

Have you succesffully campaigned to #CutTheCosts for your students? Let us know at



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