New briefing available: Protecting the Human Rights Act

Monday 03-10-2016 - 11:25

NUS has released a new briefing on why we will be fighting government plans to scrap the Human Rights Act

NUS has joined 175 civil society organisations in contributing to a new report produced by the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) showing that the UK Government has failed to fully meet 81 out of 85 recommendations made by the United Nations in 2012 to improve domestic human rights protections.

BIHR’s 55-page report, which was submitted to the UN on 22 September as part of the Universal Periodic Review process to which all 193 member countries are subjected every four and a half years, looks at 85 of the 132 UN recommendations, covering areas such as children’s rights, violence against women, discrimination and criminal justice. The report finds that vast majority of recommendations have not been fully met.

This year NUS will be campaigning to protect the Human Rights Act, which the Government seeks to replace with a British Bill of Rights. At present the Human Rights Act incorporates the robust European Convention of Human Rights into British law, but it is expected that the new British Bills of Rights will invovle a scaling back of rights and protections, leaving marginalised groups particularly vulnerable.

Take a look at our new briefing here, where we outline what the Human Rights Act is and why we will be fighting to keep it.


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