NEC 2 June Round up

Wednesday 03-06-2015 - 15:07

The National Executive Council met on Tuesday 2 June and received reports on the priority work, zones, sections, liberation and nations. The Officers all gave an update on their work since the last meeting and the councillors asked questions of them.


The NEC received an update on the budget process for 2015-16, which outlined that the budget allocation would reflect what was agreed at National Conference 2015 including an increased amount allocated to the postgraduate and mature and part time sections activity. 

During the meeting the NEC noted the updated ‘no platform’ list following a resolution that was passed at National Conference 2015. The list can be downloaded here

At National Conference this year policy that wasn’t discussed was passed to the NEC to vote on. There were 47 motions that were referred to this meeting of the NEC which included motions from the Education, Union Development and Society and Citizenship Zones as well as several proposals submitted to the AGM. All 47 motions were discussed and the policy that was passed can be downloaded here

Finally at the end of the meeting NEC debated interim policy that was submitted as motions by council members.

The policy passed included the following motions and can be found here.

  • Nation’s Assembly Elections
  • Save The Human Rights Act 
  • Not On Our Watch
  • Teach Higher
  • Solidarity with Sondos Asem
  • Support the Jewish Community, Fight Against neo-Nazism

The next meeting of the NEC will be on Monday 20 July 2015 at 11:00.


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