National Executive Council meeting | Monday 20 July

Thursday 16-07-2015 - 17:40

The National Executive Council is meeting next week on Monday 20 July. As the first meeting of the newly elected Officers the council members will receive a short presentation from each Officer of what they will prioritse in their work plans for the year ahead. Council members have submitted 21 motions for debate at this meeting, to view these and the rest of the papers visit the NEC hub where you can keep updated on the discussions and descisions made.


Who's who on the NEC?

The National Executive Council is made up of elected Officers and Councillors. Visit the NEC hub to find out more of who they are and what they do.

What's happening at the next meeting?

The agenda, papers, officer priorities and motions submitted by council members are all online for you to view and circulate. 

View all papers here

The following motions have been submitted for debate: 

Motion 1 | Supporting Students’ Union Officers

Motion 2 | Protecting Students’ Unions in Northern Ireland

Motion 3 | Removing the invisible barriers to succeeding in education

Motion 4 | Student Opportunities for all: Tackling Local Barriers

Motion 5| Demonstration against welfare cuts

Amendment 5a | LGBT Estrangement, Homelessness and Housing

Motion 6 | Governance Review “Accountability, transparency and effectiveness of decision-making”

Motion 7 | National Demonstration for Free Education

Amendment 7a | Liberate Education

Motion 8 | Right to stike campaign

Motion 9 | Stop policing students

Amendment 9a | Stonewall was a Riot.

Motion 10 | Maintenance Grants

Amendment 10a | Let’s do some proper campaigning for grants.

Amendment 10b |

Motion 11 | Proper Implementation of BDS - a committment to boycotting Coca Cola Enterprises

Amendment 11a | We care for smaller unions and implementation

Motion 12 | Mobilising students to join TUC national demo outside Tory Party Conference

Amendment 12a | Free Education Feeder March on October 4

Motion 13 | Condolences for FOSIS President, Bashir Osman

Motion 14 | Free the Thai 14, supporting the Thai student movement

Motion 15 | Bail out the people of Europe, solidarity with Syriza

Motion 16 | Funky Dragon

Motion 17 | Support the Tube workers!

Motion 18 | NEC Reprezent

Motion 19 | Campaigning for urgent and adequate action to prevent runaway climate change in the context of the Paris Climate Summit

Motion 20 | Surround Yarlswood Demonstration 8/8

Motion 21 | Motion of Censure Against the National President

View the detail of the motions and amendments here


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