National Executive Council Meeting 5

Friday 27-05-2016 - 15:19

National Executive Council Meeting 5 will be held online. At the meeting council members will be able to hold officers to account for their work since February. Council members have submitted 6 motions to this meeting and will decide whether to pass 29 motions remitted to them from National Conference. To view these and the rest of the papers visit the NEC hub,

Who's who on the NEC? 

The National Executive Council is made up of elected Officers and Councillors. Visit the NEC Hub to find out more about who they are and what they do. 


What's happening at the next meeting? 

The papers, officer reports and motions submitted by council members are all online for you to view and circulate. 

The following motions have been submitted for debate, they can be found on the NEC Hub


Motions Remitted from National Conference:

Education Zone

Motion 207 | Cutting the costs of education to build a debt free future

Motion 208 | Pride and Prejudice in Education

Motion 209 | Keep Universities Accountable

Amendment 209a | Freedom of Information and the Green Paper

210 | For Free Education: support Jeremy Corbyn's National Education Service proposal

Motion 211 | Quality Doesn't Grow on Fees

Motion 212 | Fees, Fights and International Rights

Motion 213 | Stop Doing Over our Nursing and Allied Health Professions Students

Motion 214 | First Class Degrees Should Not Rely on Additional Fees

Motion 215 | UCAS for postgrads: free applications

Motion 216 | Academic Publishing Exploiting Academics and University Budgets

Motion 217 | Bringing teaching and learning into the 21st Century through online lecture capture

Motion 218 | We Were Told Student Loans Weren’t Like Bank Loans

Motion 219 | A Wider View of Education

Motion 220 | Support SUs that are campaigning to reverse NHS Bursary Cuts

Motion 221 | Imperialism Out of our Education system

Motion 222 | Giving Part Time Students a Fair Deal

Motion 223 | UCAS ‘name-blind admissions’ - and beyond

Motion 224 | Caring about care experience

Motion 225 | 1234, We Want Good Placements For All

Amendment 225a | Supporting students in HE who work

Motion 226 | Support the teaching of teachers to teach teachers to teach

Union Development Zone

Motion 412 | Self-Certifying Extenuating Circumstances

Motion 413 | Drug Policies Supporting Students

Motion 414 | 75% of Funding, 100% of a Vote

Motion 415 | Make PrEP available on the NHS for Free

Motion 416 | No more room at the Inn

Motion 417 | Doctors Notes & Medical Forms

Motion 418 | Ticket to Ride

Amendment 418a | Equip SUs with the tools to lobby local governments to improve local public transport provision

Amendment 418b | Wheels to Work: Reduce the Cost of Apprentice Travel

Motion 419 | Rights for Parents and Carers must extend to students

Motion 420 | We don’t need a flux capacitor to see we need more capacity


Ordinary Motions:

Motion 1: Justice for Hillsborough

Motion 2: Supporting UCU's campaign for fair pay in HE

Motion 3: Supporting UCU Strike Action

Motion 4: ARAF Motion

Motion 5: Celebrating Trade Unions

Motion 6: Cut the Rent


As there will be no live stream, Accountability Questions and their responses will be posted on Shape Our Work 


Shape Our Work

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