National Executive Council Meeting 2

Tuesday 06-09-2016 - 10:28

On Tuesday 13 September the National Executive Council will meet for the second time in 2016/17. At the meeting council members will hold officers to account for their work since July. Council members have submitted 13 motions for debate at this meeting. To view these and the rest of the papers visit the NEC Hub.

Who's who on the NEC? 

The National Executive Council is made up of elected Officers and Councillors. Visit the NEC Hub to find out more about who they are and what they do. 


What's happening at the next meeting? 

National Executive Council Meeting 2 takes place on 13 September 2016. This meeting is the second in the year cycle. The papers, officer reports and motions submitted by council members are all online for you to view and circulate. 

The following motions have been submitted for debate, they can be found on the NEC Hub

Motion 1: Islamophobia Awareness Month

Motion 2: Supporting the Junior Doctors

Motion 3: The National Education Service

Motion 4: Opposing Repression in Turkey

Motion 5: Defend Education – no fees and cuts: protest outside Tory Party Conference 2016

Motion 6: Extend the No Platform Policy Online

Motion 7: Disabled Students and Accessibility at United for Education Demo

Motion 8: PREVENT review

Motion 9: Brexit

Motion 10: Scrutiny Panels

Motion 11: NUS London to be accepted as a full associate member of NUS UK

Motion 12: Practical Support for International Students Post Brexit Vote

Motion 14: All lives won't matter, until #BlackLivesMatter


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