National Conference is far too important for FE members to miss out on

Monday 27-02-2017 - 00:00

National Conference, our biggest democratic event of the year, is taking place in April and we need to make sure that FE is represented! That's why we're making it easier for you to attend, with our accommodation and travel fund...

Tuesday 25 April marks the start of National Conference, the largest democratic gathering of students in Europe (if not the world!).

National Conference is a space where we get together and elect our President and Vice Presidents for the year ahead, as well as decide the priorities for students’ unions and hold NUS to account. This year (like last) it’s in the sunny seaside town of Brighton - and you need to be there!

This event is far too important for my FE members to miss out on, and here's why:

1)   I have long worked on making sure that FE’s voice is powerful in NUS. Enlarging the National Society of Apprentices, creating the Further Education Union Development team and putting more resources and power into FE’s hands. We’re not a student movement unless we represent all of our membership.

2)   Because the issues of being an FE member – tell me if you think I’m mistaken – such as the lack of money, time and resource often makes it hard to get involved in NUS.

So we’re trying to make it easier for you to attend. If you register for National Conference before Friday 10 March you can get accommodation for free(!). You can register here. We’re also setting up a travel fund this year for FE students' unions. Missing out on conference because you physically can’t afford to travel there should not be an option. I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be there. To apply please email

Shakira Martin
Vice President (Further Education)



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