National Conference 2017: NUS VP (Welfare) candidates

Wednesday 15-03-2017 - 16:05

The period of nominations for the position of NUS Vice President (Welfare) has closed and we can now announce the candidates standing for election.

The candidates for the position of Vice President (Welfare) are as follows:

Jenny Killin
A socialist, feminist & an anti-racist

Education can never be ‘free’ if it cannot be accessed by everyone; if it pushes us into debt, or destroys our mental health. It can’t be accessible if learning means we cannot afford our rent, or we have to miss class to pay the bills.

It cannot be free when students do not feel safe to practice their faith. When they are under surveillance or threat of deportation. When students are faced with harassment and violence on campus. Right now, this is the reality for far too many; and right now, we need an NUS which can change that.

Nominated by:

  1. Hansika Jethani, University of Arts London Student Union
  2. Daniel Nasr, Goldsmiths Students Union
  3. Lord Apetsi, University of Strathclyde Student Union
  4. Amelia Horgan, UCL
  5. Harrem Ghani, NUS
  6. LD Pilot, Warwick SU
  7. Conor Savage, Undeb Bangor
  8. Ana Oppenheim, UAL Student Union
  9. Rahman Mohammadi, Barnfield College
  10. Montgomery Sheild, Queen Mary University



Izzy Lenga
Izzy Lenga for VP Welfare

We’re living through some of the most turbulent and uncertain times in modern history. Mental health services scrapped, hate crimes ignored and a cost of living crisis brushed under the carpet. If we don’t act, there'll be nothing left to take from our education system.

I will lead a movement and welfare campaign that listens to you and shouts with you. Together we will deliver programmes across the UK, fight national and local campaigns, based on what Students’ Unions want and need.

Vote Izzy for VP Welfare for a united and relevant campaign that fights and wins for students.

Nominated by:

  1. Ross Strong , University of Birmingham Guild of Students
  2. Jack Fossey, Swansea University Students’ Union
  3. Vonnie Sandlan, NUS Scotland
  4. Daniel Wood, Dudley College Students’ Union
  5. Abdiwali Duale, GSM London Students’ Union
  6. Caoimhe Sweeney, Hartpury Students’ Union
  7. Ceewhy Ochoga, University of Salford Students’ Union
  8. Tara Alade, University of Bedfordshire Students’ Union
  9. Lilian Oliveira, University of West London
  10. Alexa Webster, Falmouth University



Re-open nominations (RON)


The position of Vice President (Welfare) will be elected by delegates during the second day of NUS National Conference, which takes place at The Brighton Centre from Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 April 2017.

Want to find out which other positions are being contested during National Conference? A full list of candidates and manifestos is available at



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