National Conference 2017: NUS National President candidates

Wednesday 15-03-2017 - 16:00

The period of nominations for the position of NUS National President has closed and we can now announce the candidates standing for election.

The candidates for the position of National President are as follows:

Malia Bouattia
For a Strong, Transformative Union

You elected me, last year, on the platform of fighting for an education which is transformative and liberated. Since then I have led this process, from organising our first national demo since 2010, to placing liberation at the heart of everything we do. I’ve brought NUS back to the students, establishing regional networks, events and toolkits. I’ve led an NUS which challenges: organised anti-deportation networks, campaigned against Prevent in Parliament and successfully lobbied for amendments to the HE Bill. I've worked to amplify our collective voice so we can make change. Let's continue this process, together.


Nominated by:

  1. Eloise McNeaney, Heriot Watt Students' Union
  2. Rahman Mohammadi, Barnfield College Students' Union
  3. Sam Nicholson, University College London Students' Union
  4. Eran Cohen,  University of York Students' Union
  5. Rachel Watter, Queens University Belfast Students’ Union
  6. Jenni Smyth,  University of Manchester
  7. Sidra Hussain, Bradford College Students' Union
  8. Ming Li, Pearson College London Students' Union
  9. Fergus Kneath, Gower College Swansea Students' Union
  10. Natasha Barrett, Royal Holloway Students’ Union



Tom Harwood
For a Credible, Inclusive NUS

I'm Tom Harwood. I am standing to re-legitimise our student movement.

We have to speak for all students. We should be fighting credible battles, and offering constructive solutions. Only then can we deliver.

We must shout louder about living costs, fight for realistic improvements to tuition fees, and be flexible and innovative in our response to government policy.

Our movement isn't about any one person or clique. We should be more democratic, more accountable, and more responsive to student concerns.

We need to be a national union for all.

Find out more at


Nominated by:

  1. Sophie Nash, Kings College London Students’ Union
  2. Rachael Farrington, Union of Brunel Students
  3. Elrica Degirmen Leeds University Union
  4. Anna Lukina,  Oxford University Student Union
  5. Bethany Wright, University of York Students' Union
  6. Abigail Dwan, University of Manchester Students' Union
  7. A Hancock, Exeter Guild of Students
  8. Eloise Sladden, Students' Union University of Greenwich
  9. Eleanor Hughes, Royal Holloway Students' Union
  10.  Maria Murphy, Queen Mary Students' Union



Shakira Martin
Making Education an Option for Everyone

Education saved my life, it gave me hope, aspiration and above all opportunity. It is that spirit of optimism we need NUS to embody if it is going to shape our education and our world.

The only way is a national union, united and fighting for Free Education for everyone.

My NUS will be fun, vibrant and a welcoming environment to take part in. My NUS will bring some campaigning fire combined with intelligence, innovation and energy.

MY NUS will work like my campaign - led by you.

Nominated by:

  1. Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, FXU
  2. Cynthia Ochoga, Salford University
  3. Jo Goodman, Birmingham City University
  4. Darren Clarke, Staffordshire Univeristy
  5. Abulkadir Mohamed, College of North West London
  6. Luke Humberstone, Highlands and Islands Students’ Association
  7. Mohammed Ubaid Leicester College
  8. Daniell Hambrook, Newham College
  9. Rebecca Filer, Bristol University
  10. Luke Ellis, University of Greenwich



Re-open nominations (RON)


The position of National President will be elected by delegates during the second day of NUS National Conference, which takes place at The Brighton Centre from Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 April 2017.

The candidates for Vice President positions can be found below:

Want to find out which other positions are being contested during National Conference? A full list of candidates and manifestos is available at



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