National Conference 2016: candidates for DPC elections announced

Wednesday 20-04-2016 - 16:12

The candidates for the Democratic Procedures Committee elections have been announced.

Delegates in attendance at National Conference will have until 8.30pm today (Wednesday 22 April) to challenge the eligibility of any of the candidates.

The candidates standing for election onto  the Democratic Procedures Committee are: 

  • Naa Acquah, Manchester University SU

Harry Hodges, SU Greenwich

Jordan Stephen, The Union MMU 

ZamZam Ibrahim, Salford Students Union

Habuba Amjad Wolverhampton SU

Haaris Ahmed NEC

  • Adeyinka Adebayo, University of Salford

Daniella Adyeman Richmond Upon Thames College

Ayo Akinrele Liverpool Hope

Arthur Kaddu Bolton SU

P Mensah Cambridge

Ruth Zeuse Group Llandrillo Menai

  • Ayo Akinrele​, Liverpool Hope

Kira Cox Liverpool Hope SU

Jamie Bennett Liverpool SU

Jade Foster Union of Derby

Phillip Power City of Liverpool College SU

Alexa Webster FXU

  • Daniel Asaya​, Bournemouth University SU

​Pricilla Mensah, Cambridge

Ayo Akinrele, Liverpool Hope

Yusef Hasan, Goldsmiths

Tim Hommersley, Essex

Liron Velleman, Leeds

  • Amelia Campbell, The SU at UWE

​Sian Hampson, The Students Union at UWE

Toby lewis, TSDSU

Jamie Cross, Bristol Students Union

Laura Lunn-Bates, Sheffield Hallam SU

Sorana Vieru, NEC

  • Matthew Carroll, Cardiff Students' Union

Claire Blakeway, Cardiff Students' Union

Sion Davies, Coleg Sir Sar SU

Hanna Medi Merigan, Aberystwyth Students Union

Caiome McNeill, NUS NEC

Sean Pearn, Queens University Belfast SU

  • Annabelle Cooper, Stirling Students Union

Esther Green, Durham SU

Simone Hau, Barnsley SU

Zorena Shanks, New College Lanarkshire

Andrew Kinnell, Stirling

Luke Humberstone, Highlands and Islands SA

  • Esin D’Amery, Greenwich University Students’ Union

​Tom King - SOAS

Malia Bouattia - NEC

Adrian - UELSU

Chloe Schendel-Wilson – Bournemouth University Students’ Union

Tammy Naidoo - Kent University Students’ Union

  • Cameron Giles, Northumbria Students Union

Rosie McKenna - Edge hill Students’ Union

Kirsty Weegram - Northumbria Students’ Union

Ashleigh Davies - Hull University Students’ Union

Lucinda Izzard - York St John Students’ Union

Imogen Wilson - Edinburgh University Students’ Association

  • Sam Gold, Leeds University Union

Jack Mably - Birmingham Guild of Students

Charlotte Butler - Canterbury College Students’ Union

Mathew Grange - University of West London Students’ Union

Nena Mehmi - NEC

Manon Goetschel - Teeside University Students’ Union

  • Ashley Hickford, New College Lanarkshire Student’s Association

​Rojan Subramani – Edinburgh Napier Student’s Association

Vonnie Sandlan – NEC

Lorna Starq – Highlands and Islands Students’ Association

Angela Alexander – Ayrshire College Students’ Association

Lisa Kinnaird – FCSA

  • Thomas Hope – Staffordshire University Students’ Union

​Michael McGough – Huddersfield Students’ Union

Laura Cristea – Aberdeen University Students’ Union

James Storer – Leeds Beckett Students’ Union

Ciara Hoyan – London School of Economics Students’ Union

Christy McMorrow – University of Sheffield Students’ Union

  • Toby Lewis – Trinity Saint David’s Students’ Union

Amalia – University of South wales Students’ Union

Natalie Jordan – Keel University Students’ Union

Emma Maitland – City College Plymouth Students’ Union

Peter Harris – Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Students’ Union

Ahmed Campbell – The Students’ Union at University of West England

  • Chelsea McNulty – The Students’ Union at University of West England

Tom Phipps – Bristol Students’ Union

Luke Allan – Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union

Charley Hasted – Lambeth College Students’ Union

Piers Telemaque – NEC

Leah Francis - Queen Mary University of London Students’ Union

  • Hannah Niblock – Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union

​Emily Beever – NEC

Carolina Mantzalos – QMSU

Stephen McCrystall - Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union

Daniel Longhorn – Birmingham Guild of Students

Will Hedley – Lancaster University Students’ Union

  • Lucas North – York University Students’ Union

​Ashley Reed – LGBT+ Committee

Thomas Ron – York University Students’ Union

Anna Lee – NUS Women’s Committee

Fran Cowling – NEC

Dean Wilson – Northumbria Students’ Union

  • Cynthia Ochoga – Salford University Students’ Union

​Robiu Salisu – Swansea University Students’ Union

Hassan El Zafar – Sheffield Hallam University Students’ Union

Mozzamil Khan – Bradford College Students’ Union

Melissa Owusu – NEC

Subirz Ismai – Bradford

  • Tommy Parker – University of Bath Students’ Union

Hannah Stewart – Swansea University Students’ Union

Rob Young – NEC

Amanda Chetwyn-Cowieson – FXU

Luke Allan – Sheffield Hallam University Students’ Union

Annie Ferreira – University of East London Students’ Union

  • Rizwan Qureshi – Canterbury College Students’ Union

​Nishalim Ravindran – University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union

Mostafa Rajaai – NEC

Abdulsami Arjumand - London South Bank Students Union

Assnia Kurdy – SOAS

Myriam Kane – LESOCO

  • Nishaluni Ravindran – University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union

​Yaz Aboulbalcar - University of Wolverhampton Students’ Union

Rhia Patel – University of Reading Students’ Union

Rizwan Qureshi – Canterbury College Students’ Union

Ashley Holland – Staffordshire University Students’ Union

Grace Anderson – Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union

  • Beth Redmond – NEC

​Josh Berlyne – University of Sheffield Students’ Union

Aaron Parr – Queen Mary Students’ Union

Sarah Nwaor – Birmingham

Hope Worsdale – Warwick University Students’ Union

Deej Lashley-Johnson – Sheffield Hallam University Students’ Union

  • Millie Thomas – University of Sunderland Students’ Union

​Matt Evans – Hull University Students’ Union

Millie Tanner – Durham Students’ Union

Ashley Mehnert – Teesside University Students’ Union

Adam Crawley – Northumbria Students’ Union

Emily Chapman – Leeds City College Students’ Union


  • Nathan Wedlin – First4skills

​Amy Fowles – Coleg Cambria

Jasmine Manning – South Gloucestershire and Stroud College Students’ Union

Sarah McCloney – Northern Regional College Students’ Union

Neil Alexander – Glasgow Caledonian Students’ Association

Megan Dunn - NEC


The election for Democratic Procedures Committee will take place from 11.30am tomorrow (Thursday 21 April). 



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