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Monday 22-01-2018 - 15:36


As your VP FE, I have made it my priority to ensure the FE voice is as loud as it can be. How do I keep doing that I hear you ask? Well by making sure we are talking about the things that matter to you, with you. Which is why I’m making it my mission to visit as many FE and college students’ unions as possible over the next few months!


With FEstival, the creation and launch of a brand new Learner Voice Framework and the launch of my priority campaign #myFEjourney, the FE party has begun, but only just! This term we are in full swing, but I can only do this with you. Being on your campuses, in your unions, and ensuring that everything I do is relevant for my members.

I want to visit colleges across the UK – from Edinburgh to Essex, from Coleraine to Cardiff, Bradford to Belfast. If you invite me, I will do everything in my power to be there.

Drop me an email at and we’ll arrange a tour date!

We’ll talk about the incredible work you’re doing on your campuses, how NUS and I can support you and my plan of work as your Vice President. Particularly #myFEjourney and our big yellow bus and how we can get students cheaper travel to college, so that no one is priced out of education.

Furthermore, we need to be making sure we get your FE voices at National Conference, which is why myself and Shakira have introduced the travel bursary. This closes on Friday 16 February, the same deadline as free accommodation!

More information can be found here:

Imagine, if we all signed up before Friday 16 February, how different National Conference would look…. Let’s make this a loud and proud #FEparty #myFEjourney. This is FE’s year!

From Emily, your Vice President (Further Education)


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