My review of the week (1 - 5 February 2016)

Wednesday 10-02-2016 - 09:23

I had a great week speaking with officers and chief executives from students’ unions at the Project100 Festival in Sheffield. We came together from all over the country and took our first steps together on building a strategy for the movement. We’ve also launched the next stages of our #CutTheCosts campaign!

It’s been a busy one for me and for students’ unions, so here’s my review of last week...

#CutTheCosts – Leap Into Action day!

Students’ unions have been working on getting fairer fares, ending hidden course costs, securing cheaper gym memberships and winning more reasonable rents! We’ve launched new resources to help you take action.

  • This year is a leap year which means there’s an extra day of work to do, an extra day’s rent to pay and an extra day to for out for food, the bus or to heat your home. We’re coordinating our ‘Leap into Action’ day on the 29 February to take action all over the country.
  • You can use our Leap into Action campaign pack
  • You can download and use our campaign pack on fairer fares
  • You can download and use our campaign pack on ending hidden course costs
  • We have our giant props, like our blow up pig and our Fairer Fares bus that you can borrow for your stunts and campaigns on campus. Either email us on to book or speak to your local office in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland!

Project100 Festival: Building a stronger movement

In 2022 NUS reaches its 100th year. Together with Simon Blake, NUS Chief Executive, I’ve launched a strategy process, Project100, which will build a strategy together with students’ unions for the future of our movement for the next six years.

  • I spoke at the start of Project100 Festival in Sheffield and said that we use words like ‘movement’ a lot at NUS. But we don’t often define what we mean. I think the ‘movement’ is who we are, as students’ unions and NUS together. Project100 for me is about creating an NUS that works for students’ unions to win for students.
  • You can read my opening speech at Project100 here.
  • You can read all review of day one of Project100 Festival and day two.
  • You can download the full Project100 initial report and find out how to get involved on NUS Connect


NUS is supporting the #BursaryOrBust campaign to demand that the government reverse its decision to scrap these bursaries which are vital to students, and to our NHS. Last week we launched resources to help you campaign and work together with trade unions to make the most impact.

  • You can read more about the #BursaryOrBust campaign and the week of action here
  • I want to ensure that we work with you, students’ unions, to drive this campaign. If your students’ union wants to be involved in leading it please email me on and I’ll make sure I let you know how you can get involved in developing and supporting the campaign!


Your voice in Parliament

In the morning on Thursday I went to Parliament to meet with Ben Howlett MP and then I joined your Vice President Further Education, Shakira Martin, in meeting the Further Education Commissioner.

  • The FE Commissioner was appointed in 2013
  • FE is really struggling. Cuts to financial support and to colleges mean that the sector is in really big trouble and the #FEunplugged campaign Shakira launched last week is making that point loud and clear to government.
  • You can read more about the #FEunplugged campaign here
  • The meeting with the FE Commissioner was frustrating and Shakira and I were not exactly very happy leaving the meeting. It shows we have a long way to go to make sure we protect learner voice in FE and make people understand, and care, about what is happening to FE – but more importantly, to do something about it.

National Voter Registration Day

Friday was National Voter Registration Day and students’ unions were out in force as part of #GenerationVote and ensuring that students are getting registered to vote ahead of elections coming up this year!

Conference Season!

National Conference 2016, in Brighton, is well on its way – with deadlines approaching! I want to make sure you know everything in preparation for conference so that you can ensure your voice is heard. Your delegate elections may be coming up, if you haven’t already have them and this information should help you prepare for Brighton!

  • Don’t forget that the Conference Hub has all our resources that you need to get involved and make sure you get the most out of conference. You’ll find it here
  • We’ve released some new resources which explain all the key dates and the policy process for national conference.
  • We’ve also got some new resources on how to submit motions to conference.
  • And don’t forget you can find all the Zone proposals and reports to National Conference here
  • Last week we also released the motions that have been submitted to Disabled Students’ Conference – so don’t forget to register to take part!

On Friday I then headed to the Social Mobility Working Group taskforce which has been set-up by the government. I’m glad that we are able to feed into and have students’ voices heard as part of this work and I will update you more in the coming weeks!

Thanks for all your hard work with NVRD and #CutTheCosts and please do look at the resources for #FEunplugged and see what actions you can take this week to help!

Megan x



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