Motions Submitted to Womens Conference

Friday 22-01-2016 - 11:42

Motions have now been published for NUS Womens conference, to be held on 5 -7 April 2016.

NUS Womens conference will bring together a wide range of student activists to debate, vote on motions and elect the political leadership for the year ahead.

30 Motions have been submitted to the conference covering the following areas of work – Education, Society & Citizenship, Strong and Active Unions, Welfare & Student Rights and Rules Revision. They can be found on the Womens Conference Hub.


Motions are titled:

Statutory PHSE

Frozen 2 – Loan Repayments and Women

No Women in Men’s Prisons

George, we’ve got to talk about the tampon tax

Prison Abolition is a Feminist Issue

Decriminalisation of Sex Work

My Identity is not your business

Gendered Islamophobia


Teaching Muslim Women What?

Supporting the creation of a full time paid NUS Trans Officer and an autonomous NUS Trans Liberation Campaign

Part-Time Activist Development

Database of Best practice for Women’s Officers

Here’s Looking at you Kid – Campaign for the free childcare for student and staff Parents

My Body, My Choice – Demonstrate Against ‘March for Life’ Saturday 14th May 2016 Birmingham

Abortion Devolution

#StandByMe - supporting student survivors

End Detention Centres

Abortions for all!

Women and Interfaith

Black Women and Mental Health

NUS get behind our women’s officers!

Accessibility at Campus Events

Keep Perpetrators out of Activist Spaces

WHOSE CAMPAIGN? OUR CAMPAIGN: Defining Women and Non-Binary in NUS Women’s Campaign

Reserved Spaces on NUS Women’s Steering Committee

Emergency Motions

Speaking Accessibility

Changing the Format of Motions

Queer Representation on Women’s Committee


Constituent members are entitled to submit an amendment to any motion, using the amendments form.

The deadline for amendments is 12pm on Tuesday 1st March.

On 5 - 7 April, Womens Conference will bring together delegates from students' unions to discuss, debate and vote on these motions.

Register for Womens Conference.



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