Motions Submitted to Trans Conference

Tuesday 03-11-2015 - 16:08

Motions have now been published for the first ever NUS Trans conference, to be held on 9th December. 

NUS Trans conference will bring together a wide range of Trans student activists to discuss how the NUS LGBT+ campaign, with NUS as a whole, should be galvanising the movement in the fight for equality and liberation of Trans students.

13 Motions have been submitted to the conference covering the following areas of work – Education, Society & Citizenship, Strong and Active Unions and Welfare & Student Rights. They can be found on the Trans Conference Hub.


Motions are titled:

FE and HE academic system name & title change

Encourage the addition of a Gender Identity Clinic in Wales

Introduce a trans-inclusive sports policy to all HE and FE institutions

Add gender-neutral toilet and changing room facilities to all FE and HE institutions

Taking Direct Action for Healthcare

Supporting SU Officers and activists opposing transphobia

My identity is not your business

A full time paid NUS Trans Officer and an autonomous NUS Trans Liberation Campaign

Pronouns Introduction Policy

Recognise our existence

Hate has no place on campuses

Sport, BUCS and Trans people

Amendment to Standing Orders


Trans students are entitled to submit an amendment to any motion, using the amendments template. The deadline for amendments is 10 November 2015, and a completed template must be sent to

On 9 December, Trans Conference will bring together delegates from students' unions to discuss, debate and vote on these motions. The conference is free to attend.

Register for Trans Conference.  


Shape Our Work, Trans

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