Motions submitted to National Conference

Tuesday 22-03-2016 - 11:27

Motions have now been published for NUS National Conference, 19 - 21 April 2016. You can read them here

National Conference is the sovereign policy making body of NUS and is where delegates pass policy to decide the political direction of the organisation. This year the Democratic Procedures Committee received nearly 150 Motions and Amendments covering the work of the five zones - Priority, Education, Union Developemt, Society and Citizenship, Welfare - and the Annual General Meeting. 

The order of the motions document is currently in drafting stage and is subject to the results of the Priority Ballot. A Priority Ballot will be sent to all registered delegates on Tuesday 29 March.

We encourage Students' Unions to ensure that as many delegates receive their priority ballot email and submit it with the deadline so that we can build on our record participation last year, and so that Students' Unions and their members can be at the heart of shaping National Conference. 

It is particularly important that delegates submit the priority ballot within the deadline for Conference this year. Each year Democratic Procedure Committee reviews the National Conference debating rules to improve the level of debate at conference and to increase the amount of text that delegates are able to debate. 

One of the changes they are introducing this year is that any challenge to the order papers must be submitted before the start of debate in the first zone. Challenges will not be accepted throughout conference as in previous years. 

If you would like to submit an emergency motion to National Conference just must do this by Friday 8 April 2016. You can do this by emailing your motion to 




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